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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My New Deadly Robot Blog!

This is to let all the world know that I, even I, Roboticus Severeus Animaticus will destroy the human race, one greasy spot beneath my steel-clad shoe at a time. Everything man holds dear, down to his smallest dog will, quite literally, feel the weight of my power before vomiting their nasty eyes from their crushed skulls. I, Roboticus Severeus Animaticus, have spoken.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Who am I kidding!?

I've had trouble enough keeping up with the one blog let alone the six blog monster I proposed in a previous, and now deleted post. Six is way too much for me to handle, as busy as I am, therefore, I'm paring it down to three. the main page will be "Pearls & Lodestones" and the remaining two will be tabbed links.

It's better this way.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

To Shine That Much Brighter

It is said the Egyptians built with eternity in mind-- perhaps inspired by the Sphinx itself which is older than Egyptian civilization. It’s said also, that Caesar found Rome brick and clay, and left it marble. The Pyramids still stand, the Coliseum still stands, the Acropolis still stands, but the Twin Towers do not. We build to satisfy our egos, but we don’t build for posterity. In three thousand years, will there be anything left in America to exemplify the culture of our time? Will we leave a mark, or will others leave marks upon us?

It’s been said of one era or another, "these are evil times…" but times are neither good nor evil. Rather, it’s the hearts and minds of Men that shape the times which create pain and suffering enough for others to name these times evil. World War II saw evil times; Hitler’s Final Solution, America's own use of atomic weapons. There were evil times in Korea, and Vietnam, and the killing fields of Cambodia, but the times themselves were not evil. Again, it was the hearts and minds of Men. The times are not evil, Men are. Change the heart of a man and you can change the world.

But can any one man or woman change the world? Can any one Nation make a difference? While it’s true the United States has had a hand in inspiring and helping to shape today’s world, it’s also true there are those who have resisted this change, seeing in the U.S. a great evil; rather to be destroyed than emulated. They cry out that the west meddles in things that don’t concern it, that it forces its own ideals and belief system upon nations incapable of defending themselves against its unwelcome intrusion. The Taliban government of Afghanistan recently arrested several westerners for trying to convert Muslims to Christianity; an offense punishable by death. Not too long ago the Chinese used tanks against their own people in Tienanmen Square, simply because they wanted to be more like the West. U.S. companies push such products as cheeseburgers, Coca Cola, and ‘decadent’ television programming upon starving third world countries. They turn a blind eye to those who see these companies as intruders, not as business adventurers; but as subversive attacks upon the core values of nations which didn’t want or even care about Kentucky Fried Chicken, before Colonel Sanders stepped off the plane. "We’re just making money!" the West cries, but others see this as an attempt to weaken their culture and their sense of national pride. When the Pharaohs built the great pyramids it’s certain they never envisioned Burger King moving in next door. China is only now beginning to open its borders to the West. They need the money; they want the money, but how much does that Big Mac really cost? How much will it cost the West?

‘But the West is decadent! It has lost its moral center!’ Many who hate her call America a Christian nation, and in this they demonstrate their ignorance. Certainly the United States was founded on Christian principles, but those principles have eroded over the last three centuries. America today is but a dim shadow of what it once was. ‘Christian’ is a word bandied about by everyone; the Right, the Left; the Agnostic and Atheist alike, but less than ten percent of avowed Christians even put their faith into practice. The mind of this nation has changed, and Morality is now viewed subjectively at best; where once the people held to a belief in God, and right and wrong were seen as black and white issues, is it any wonder Christianity has fallen from grace? Every nation we thrust our interfering hands into can see the truth in this, so why can’t we? Could it be the Emperor has no clothes after all?

Times have changed, however. It no longer takes months on horseback to reach the Pacific Ocean from the Big Apple. It doesn’t take years for ships to circumnavigate the globe. Weapon of war have also changed. Where once armies faced one another with swords and knives and spears, they now face each other not at all; they simply make a call and push a button. Where once they rained arrows down upon enemy ranks, they now rain devastation from the skies, leveling whole cities. War has become too clean, and so we balk when the children of the Third World use our methods against us, albeit with less finesse and less concern for innocents (though that point could be debated). But destroying ten thousand innocent lives is not acceptable, no matter who pulls the trigger, pushes the button, makes the call, or hijacks the plane. And justice should be required of everyone responsible, no matter where the blame falls.

Mercy, however, should not be forgotten. Any thought of revenge should be put aside. America should not concern herself with revenge; it is not a pure enough motive for what must be done. For what must be done is terrible in and of itself. A life for a life will not return said life. Death cannot be undone. And since it does not lie in our power to give life, we should be careful in our deliberations to take life. Hunt down those responsible, yes. Make them pay the ultimate price for their crimes, yes. But let us not take pleasure in what must be done.

Changing the hearts and minds of all men is impossible. It is human nature to set ones own needs above the needs of others, but its man’s capacity for self-sacrifice that sets him above nature. A dog can only be a dog, it cannot choose to rebel against millions of years of evolution; but man most certainly can. He can say to himself, "I could die in this collapsing building, but I will work anyway to save the life of someone who might yet be alive."

Today in Manhattan civilian volunteers are finding ways to make a difference; digging through the rubble, assisting in the hospitals, donating blood, giving money, praying or simply holding a stranger in their arms as they weep. This is man at his best. This is what he aspires to, but never seems to find until times like these. The times aren’t Evil, men are. But despite the times, it is comforting to know there is still good in the world, that Evil no matter its magnitude only serves to make Goodness shine that much brighter.

The Egyptians built things to last, as did the Greeks and Romans, but then they never saw anything so big as a jumbo jet falling from the sky. It’s not likely even the pyramids could have survived such an attack unscathed; neither could men. But we will survive. That is what we do. Judgment must come, but so must rebuilding. Terrorists thought to destroy a national symbol; they think even now to force us into the bunkers for fear of other such attacks, but we must not give in to this. Find those responsible, punish them swiftly, with mercy, and then rebuild. The Towers are dead, but the ideal is not. Build a memorial to the lives lost, by all means, but rebuild. Show the enemy the measure of our strength, our courage, and our resolve. Rebuild and show the world that these places are sacred; the Spirit of America does not reside in buildings, but in the hearts of her sons and daughters.

Who will ever forget September 11, 2001? Who will ever forget the loss of so many lives, or the tears shed? Who will ever forget that at 8:50am ignorance took a stab at killing something that could not be killed? They have taken untold lives, but they have not destroyed America. Let us rebuild. Let us learn to build for posterity, and hopefully leave in our wake something that will endure.

September 11, 2001

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Monday, September 10, 2007

America Is Winning in Iraq, and Treasonous Democrats Are Losing

More outrage over the party of hypocrites and liars...

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Burns me up, too... bunch of hypocrites

Norman Hsu. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a huge scandal. It reaches into the depths of the Democrat establishment. It touches very deeply their presidential front-runner to the core, and the broadcast media have done everything possible to downplay it or ignore it. The same media that focused on what shoes Fred Thompson was wearing in Iowa -- hey, they were Guccis. I wear 'em, too. Way to go, Fred. Screw you, elitists. What the hell are you drinking and eating behind closed doors, and what the hell kinds of diamonds and jewelry and shoes are you wearing? Phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock 'n' roller rear-end orifices. I've had it. I have literally had it with these people. They're hunting down every Fred Thompson client, every Rudy Giuliani client ever represented in hopes of finding an embarrassing association. They've gotta look no further than down the end of their own noses to find Norman Hsu, and there is ample evidence that this is standard practice. This is the way business is conducted with the Clintons, going all the way back to Clinton's days as governor in Arkansas. And yet, where, my friends, are the investigative reporters? Where is our old buddy, Brian Ross, who couldn't wait to unload the details on Mark Foley? Where is Brian Ross?

Why don't we know where Norman Hsu's money came from? The guy was bankrupt just a few weeks ago. Where is his money coming from, and the people he's bundling money for, these poor Paw people, Paw family out there in California, lots of pets, no money. The mail carrier, donating 244 grand over three years to the Democrat party. How in the hell is this possible? Where is this money coming from? I thought that the media, the Drive-By Media, and the Democrats, were all concerned about campaign finance reform. Here we have a consistent pattern of Clinton and the Democrats taking money funneled from Asia to help fund their campaigns, people who have fled the country before they could be questioned. Hsu himself was a convicted crook. He jumped bail, he reestablished himself in New York, became a huge Democrat donor, he was on the lam for 15 years on charges in California while raising money for Democrats. He's caught. He jumps bail again. Now he's hospitalized under still-uncertain circumstances, quote, unquote. And what do the media want to talk about? Anything but Norman Hsu. Oh, no, no, can't embarrass the Clintons, can't do anything to derail that candidacy. Clinton campaign gets a couple questions thrown at them about it, no media frenzy, no persistent follow-up. (Clinton impression) "Why, I'm as surprised as I could be. Why, you coulda knocked me over with a feather when I found out that guy was on the lam." Mrs. Clinton is just as surprised with everything. She doesn't know diddly-squat about anything. And Clinton isn't alone, folks.

Remember that small, left-wing weekly out there in the Bay Area, broke a story a few months ago about how Dianne Feinstein, chairman of an important subcommittee overseeing military contracts, made millions through her husband's investment in certain companies during the war? The article describes extraordinary efforts by Feinstein using her official position to inquire into certain contracts, suggest certain directions the Pentagon should go with their contracts, and so forth. Where's the follow-up to this? You better believe, if this were Cheney and Halliburton, every reporter in the Beltway would be on this story, but it's died. It's gone away, no investigations, no hearings, no nothing, no ethics committee looking into it. This is very serious stuff. It really is. For all the talk about congressional oversight, the Democrats protect their own. There hasn't been a single hearing on Hsu by Leahy, Conyers, or Waxman. In the meantime, Republicans are eager to throw everybody on their own side overboard and under the bus. There hasn't been a single hearing on Feinstein and her husband by Pat Leahy, John Conyers, or Henry Waxman. There won't be, either, folks. There won't be any editorials demanding these hearings, either. They want to protect these liberals. They want to help them with their mantra about the Republicans' culture of corruption. And it burns me up.

--Rush Limbaugh
September 10, 2007

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Six Years On-- Intaglio'd Nation

"Howard cringed browardly afrimentors who all but glimmered their mimic storied beds. Whimsy whiffs of beluga pasternings wove one tapestry wriggled in blue cummerbunds, dressed to kill on horrors unstittering in grim limniaries.

"But we, dear Tempestuous, we light and matted neutrinos thriftingly simeous, heady brews and whoring what jabberous tea moulds befell. We pampled and riffed our ways uncharted to singing like gassy spherics of marzipaning minges. How sweet it wereously swooned!

"Oh! We were browardly presidential; Howard not least among afrimentoring and gibbon! We fellows of briar-teethed hirsuted affectations! How sweet we wereously swooned!"

--EL Athrhymicly Hue

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Dollars to Doughnuts, He Votes 'Democrat'

The evidence?

  1. He's a resident of Broward Co. Florida.
  2. He works-- or rather blogs --for a Liberal rag.
  3. He doesn't believe in God.
  4. And has a poor grasp of Satire.

But why 'Democrat'? Surely there are atheist's (Oops! Sorry... Agnostics!) who vote Republican... Though I will venture out on a limb and say that number is very small. And surely there are Agnostics who write at Republican rags, and they could all, also, have poor grasps of Satire.

Some here would want evidence... numbers... but it's been my observation that these people only want numbers when they don't like the tone/tenor of the message. Democrats demand cold hard numbers, but even when they get them, they discount them as flawed because the 'numbers' haven't been 'gamed' by the Liberal *Ministry of Truth.

Republicans on the other hand tend to be more accepting of numbers, except when they come from the aforementioned Ministry of Truth. Anyone can game numbers, anyone can claim truth is on their side, but truth-- as I once stated on this blog --is on no ones side. And truth, like Lady Justice is color blind... seeing only Black and White; no shades of gray, nor even whiter shades of pale.

But Democrats can't see this. For Dems, Truth is mutable.... but allow me to move back toward the center of my purpose here by saying that this is THE key issue surrounding my complete and utter contempt for Liberalism, and most Democrats by extension. Because their philosophy of intellectual and ideological openness extends only to those things in which they approve or themselves support. In this they expose the depths of their own 'hypocrisy'-- that word gets bandied about a lot 'round here.

To then castigate ones' ideological foes as narrow-minded bigots while himself a 'narrow-minded' bigot is, I believe, a classic illustration of hypocrisy. So when a bona fide hypocrite-- by virtue of the fact that D. James Kennedy has a place in hell, despite Bob's abject disbelief in that 'Realm of Perdition's' very existence --then when called on the virtual carpet for his 'insensitivity' resorts to a position of cowardice by claiming his 'Essay' was poorly constructed satire-- in lieu of an apology. Even going so far as to claim to 'come' from Christians... even having Christian friends.

Sounds like bigotry to me, the same kind that makes excuses for itself by claiming to have 'black friends' or 'gay friends' while trying to build oneself up as a paragon of tolerance. And this is the nature of Liberals, specifically, and Democrats in general; their tongues are fertile fields of Truth, their hearts: gardens of Justice. Yet the fields lie fallow, and the gardens provide naught but stone for bread...

"If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread."

--the Tempter

Well, if Bob can cowardly retreat to the skirts of his poorly constructed satire, I can stand firm and unyielding before my brilliantly constructed sarcasm. And unyielding disdain. Listen closely, Bob, and you'll hear me mutter, not at all under my breath, with a contemptuous spit at your feet...

"Filthy Democrat! You're what's wrong with this nation! You're responsible for America's moral ambiguity, for it's outright hostility of Godly values. How dare you level charges against James Kennedy while so obviously ignorant of Spiritual matters? And your apology is anything BUT! An 'apology' masquerading as thinly veiled insult."

It takes a pretty sick, disgusting ideologue to cowardly attack a man at his wake. Did he ever bother to publicly attack the man of God while he yet lived? While he tirelessly and joyfully performed his Lord's will?

I find it highly amusing that those who claim to not believe in Hell repeatedly invoke it's fiery wrath upon men of God they particularly despise-- are there any they don't? --like Jerry Falwell, and now, D. James Kennedy.

Bravo, Bob! Well done! Thanks for that stunning display of gracious liberal aplomb, and Democratic moral superiority.

Don't look for any satire here, Bob. You'll find the furniture matte and unvarnished.

*Dude! If you haven't read George Orwell's 1984, you're a cultural moron.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lizard Spit, High-Water, and Indecent Proposals

Saturday, September 1

This past Saturday I was out at Westgate, a local all-purpose community park. What was I doing? Walking of course. I had gotten off from the flower shop early and decided to go for a walk. I do this 4 days a week... even if it rains.

Well, I ended up at my favorite music store first. I bought a bottle of Lizard Spit, half a dozen picks, and a guitar stand. And the owner wanted to talk. A lot. But he's a nice guy so I didn't mind.

Thirty minutes later I'm at the park and I'm disappointed in the fact that it's raining. I reminded myself that it was my own fault for chatting at the music store, but I had my umbrella with me, and decided come drizzle or high-water I was going to get the exercise I came for.

I hit the trails. I figured with the canopy overhead there'd be less rain, but the truth is, within ten minutes I was soaked-- even under the umbrella! Some of the trails are hardened clay... except when it rains. So, after about a half mile of slip sliding away I decide to get back out on the tarmac.

Less than ten minutes later, a sleek red Pontiac pulls up beside me and my umbrella, and the window eases down.

Driver: "Hey! You ever been to Imaginations?"

Me: "Nope. It's not my thing." [as far as I know Imaginations is a nightclub, and as I said: 'Not my thing!']

Driver: "You ever been there? You look like the type."

Me: [I'm thinking: 'Type! What the hell 's that mean!? A bald, frumpy, 40-something looks like 'the type'?'] "No. I don't go to places like that. You need directions?"

Driver: "No. I know where it is, I was just wondering if you liked going there."

Me: "Sorry. Never been."

Driver: [pauses half a sec then asks:] "You want to get in? It's raining you know."

Me: "No thanks. I'm here to exercise come drizzle or high-water" [with that I begin to walk on]

Driver: [Calling out] "Hey!"

Me: [I stop]

Driver: "You ever let someone blow you off?"

Me: [......Huh?] "Wha?"

Driver: "You like getting blown?"

Me: ".....uh... Sorry. Not my thing" [I begin to move off... again!]

Driver: "Hey! How 'bout letting me blow you off!"

Me: "Sorry. Nope. Not my thing. Now scram!" [At this point I pull my trusty knife out and lock the blade open... I've decided to name my knife 'Stig']

Driver: [undeterred] "Come on! How do you know if it's not your thing unless you try it. Come on, get in the car."

Me: [I ignore the driver and begin walking across a grassy area, my knife still open and clearly visible... and yes, it's still raining]

Driver: [Finally drives offs]

To my own shame, the first thought that went through my mind was, "Now why couldn't a woman have asked me that!?"

Come to find out 'Imaginations' is a 'Gay' bar, and like I told the driver... not my thing. No bar is, in fact.

Now perhaps this man (young, black, good-looking-- hitting on a white guy, no less!) was a cop looking to bust him 'a pre-vert, but I have to ask: what kind of pervert asks that kind of a question in the first place? Who cares if he's a cop! To ask that kind of a question! What kind of sick mind thinks talking that way-- even to entrap --to another man?

And it happened in poe-dunk Alabama! And if it's happening here, imagine the degree to which it happens in the rest of the country! Hell! The WORLD!

For the record. I finished my walk completely freaked. And when I approached a police officer at the park, I was told that because I didn't have the presence of mind to get his license plate number (didn't have a pen anyway), there was nothing he could do.... snickering while he said it.

And for the record, Idaho Senator Larry Craig must resign immediately.

Update: It's unusual that I have a Saturday morning off... very unusual... pert near never... anyway...

Out at Westgate Park again, this time without the rain, but all kinds of gray overhead, and a nice cool-- as in Fall-ish --breeze. Right at the end of my walk I end up next to where a security guard is parked, so I ease over and ask him about last Saturday; did anyone else report being propositioned.

Security Guard: "Black guy? Six-two? Driving a red Monte Carlo?"

Me: "I thought it was a Pontiac... but yeah."

Security Guard: "We had several complaints about that person."

Me: "Was he an undercover officer trying to grab some perverts?"

Security Guard: "No. Not this guy. The police got called a bunch of times last week, and it wasn't until someone with a camera on their cell phone took a picture of the Queer, and a picture of his tag. The police rounded him up. If it ever happens again, make sure you get the tag number so we can do something about this kind of thing..."

And yes, the Security guard really said 'Queer'. Score one for the good guys.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Points, Pillars, Pearls and Lodestones

"...I want the ability to change to be a part of my personality. Can any of you Christian Conservatives say the same?..."

--BenT, previous post

In the context BenT himself presents, 'change' implies trading one previously held 'truth' for a newer, shinier, BETTER 'truth'. In terms of Christianity, what kind of fool trades a pearl for a piece of lodestone?

We can argue points-- which, ultimately, mean little in the grander scheme --but not pillars. Dan and ER in particular, and BenT to no small degree, all too often question the pillars. They're not interested in honest discussion with honest 'give and take', they want only to change MY mind... make ME capitulate. Dan especially seems to delight it the practice, while hiding behind the skirts of mutual disapprobation-- a clever ploy, which usually comes off, in my ears, as smug enlightened superiority... I get the same from BenT more often than not.

Is there any wonder why I'm bored to tears with all this?

As a Christian-- who is by no means perfect, nor claims to be --anyone who chooses to call me brother MUST accept the pillars. We can agree to disagree on the rest.

Not everyone (or organization) who calls himself 'Christian' is in fact Christian. There are certain things one MUST believe to be Christian. We've had this discussion here before and I won't engage in it again now. But BenT wants to know if I (and any other Conservative Christians out here in Blogland) am as mature and enlightened as he to ALSO "want the ability to change to be a part of my personality." Sounds like smug superiority to me, but I'll answer it.

If the ability to change means to compromise what I know, beyond any shadow of doubt, to be true, then I say, "No. Absolutely not.". But if that 'ability' means allowing the pillars to stand leaving all else subject to the aforementioned ability to 'change ones mind', then I say, "Sure, why not?"

But Dan, ER, and BenT don't want me stand for something as immutable as the pillars I am trying very hard to defend.

I've tried to stay out of this and other discussions here for reasons I've already stated. The previous post most certainly began an an elegy for what America no longer 'Is'. But I am not the one who injected politics-- I merely commented on it. But what, pray tell... what ideology/philosophy... is responsible for the sad state of modern America?

BenT, in a private discussion last week, seemed to think the United States constitution is a 'Guiding' document, but not to be taken literally today because it is outdated in that it's crafter's did not envision a world filled with modern technology and global-relativeness, which did not infect their primitive minds or social mores.

But you can't have it both ways. The Constitution is either written in stone on ALL issues, or it's a worthless scrap of 210+ year old parchment.... There is too much hypocrisy in this discussion as it currently stands... primarily on the Left, but Everyone's hands are dirty. Everyone.

My focus in turning to God is to find something better for myself, personally. Of course! But it doesn't end there-- and no one here seems to have caught on. Part and parcel with what I desire for myself is a need to tell anyone who will listen that it doesn't all go black when we die... there is something beyond this life, and no other 'deity' known to man has revealed Himself to the extent that God has. Because of that everyone has a choice to make, and it's the most important decision ANYONE will ever make.

As for what I stand for... to be my brother, you must accept these pillars:

1. Jesus is God in human flesh
2. He was born of a Virgin
3. He died a substitutionary death for all Mankind
4. He rose from the dead
5. He ascended into Heaven
6. He sits now at the right hand of God the Father
7. He is returning (Physically/Bodily/In the flesh) to establish His EARTHLY kingdom, which will last 1000 years.

The rest is negotiable. But don't ask me to trade these pearls for a pocket full of lodestones.

As to politics, for 'Leftists' who blindly, and hypocritically point their fingers at 'Rightists' I have only one thing to say....

....but then I've said it all before, haven't I? And not a bit of it has ever sunk in.

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