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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My Pocket is Empty This Evening, But...

I do have a few thoughts to set down.

Political Correctness needs to die a quick death, especially in light of the current debate surrounding the profiling of middle eastern men at train, and bus stations. Pardon me, but I can't remember the last time a little old white-haired lady blew up a train or bus. So why are we searching them and not the obvious suspects? We need to get serious about protecting ourselves.

Update: Neal Boortz has this to say about Political correctness -- "Political correctness used to be just an annoyance. Now it has deadly consequences."

Democratic attempts to trick the voting public into voting for a liberal democrat by dressing him up as a war hero has, thankfully, failed. Didn't they learn their lesson with Kerry? Paul Hackett, the losing Liberal, taking a last cheap shot, made reference during his concession speech to an earlier criticism of President Bush: "Chickens are a very interesting bird, not to be confused with birds of prey." What a classy guy.

Judging from everything I've been reading and hearing -- and I'm not usually prone to paranoia, or hysteria -- I'm glad I don't live in a major city. Something bad is coming, really bad. Thankfully Dothan doesn't rank high enough on the Jihadist's death list to warrant notice. Life here may very well be spared, but lives will certainly be changed; difficulties will abound, and many will die in the aftermath.


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