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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lessons in Thinking for One's Self, No.2

In everything we do, there is purpose; motive. This includes every word we write or utter, and our every physical action. But for the purposes of this lesson lets confine ourselves to words. Simply said, everything we say has motive, be it benign, neutral, or malignant. Everything. So, when we hear the rich, famous, or powerful pontificate on the right or wrong of any given thing, we absolutely must sift it through our understanding that somewhere in their statement is a motive.

One other thing to understand is that every motive is, at it's core, selfish. Before you get your feathers ruffled, let me say that selfishness is not always a bad thing. For example; a diabetic is getting light-headed and needs sugar, fast. Someone walks up as our diabetic friend is tearing open a Snickers bar and asks for some. The diabetic politely says no, and begins to wolf down the sugar. As far as this other person is concerned, our diabetic friend was blatantly rude, but that wasn't the case. It all comes back to looking out for ones own best interests. If it doesn't hurt ones well-being to share, then all is right with the world! Go ahead and share! But we are not being selfish if we elect not to share knowing that to do so would bring us harm.

So back to Motive. Next time someone states or writes an opinion, ask yourself, "What does he/she have to gain or lose should I, their audience, not take them at their word? What do they have to gain by my acceptance?" Remember, there is always, Always, a motive, a reason why we say what we say.

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