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Friday, August 05, 2005

The Who's Who of Right & Very Wrong

Right: Tony Blair --
             Deport those who foster hatred or advocate violence

Wrong: Ken Livingstone --
             [Muslims are]not to blame. It's America & Blair's fault

Right: *Un-named Marine at an Atlanta book signing when asked --
             "What could [America] be doing [in Iraq] that we're not?"
             His response: "Keep the media out."

Wrong: The ACLU & Mayor Bloomberg, Mayor of New York --
             Profiling will not be tolerated!

Personal Note: The one consistent aspect of the bombing of subways
             and busses is that these acts are perpetrated by middleastern
             men... Muslims. Not little old ladies, or WASP housewives
             with babies in strollers.

*Thanks to Neal Boortz for the story


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