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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So far today I...

...Went on my daily walk/run and managed to surpass yesterdays "sustained" run of 250 yards by another 50, which is quite a feat considering just 6 months ago I couldn't run 100 feet without getting winded.

...Finished my overhaul of this blog.

...Listened to Neal, Rush, & Sean on the Radio.

...Perused the DVD aisles at Circuit City & Wal Mart without buying anything-- yet another feat.

...Bought Pepe some doggie biscuits.

...Bought some pesticide to kill those horrible bugs that are eating up my Lime & Plum tress.

...Ate some pizza, which I'm not really allowed to do, but I've already had cake today, so tomorrow I'll have to re-double my efforts. Hey! If I could have afforded Sushi, I would have ate Sushi!!

...Haven't seen my chances for birthday sex improve. At all. [sigh...] Celibacy is over-rated, but necessary.


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