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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Heard on Air...

this Saturday afternoon, on the Michael Medved show. It's amazing what you can hear in a chance tuning of the radio in a mere 10 seconds.

Paraphrased: "No need for a nuke, we could just drop a MOAB* on Islam's holy black rock..."

My Comments:
While I find the idea of such a bold counter to the murderous ideology of Islam attractive, I must advise against such an action. America is too divided to make so implacable an enemy as one who already hates our very existence. This can never be an option without the complete unswerving, and indefatigable support of all or most of America and her interests, which in this case can only be defined as both self-preservation and the utter destruction and demoralization of said implacable enemy. Namely, Islam.

To destroy even one of Islam's holy sites would be to consign not only this, but future generations to a war of terror -- for truly, that is all Islam is capable of...Terror.

America, as rightly judged by Islam's fanatical elements, is too soft for such a struggle. Just look at how she has balked at the War on Terror after only 4 years! It doesn't help that the American media actively supports and participates in the subverting of our government, and it's policy. They are power-hungry, seeing themselves as the only voice of reason, the only true patriot. They remember the glory of days gone by when they changed public opinion against the War in Vietnam, and brought down a sitting president. They are drunk on a heady wine distilled of pride and moral-superiority. They see multiculturalism as the religion of the enlightened, yet fail to show proper respect to those who cling to nationalism, or worse yet, religious zealotry.

Islam, by any intellectually honest assessment, is not a religion of peace. Many of its adherents may indeed be peaceful, and truly desire peace for themselves, their neighbors, and the world, But again, if honest, a Muslim must admit that their holy book promotes violence; against infidels, and against women.

America needs to wake up. The alarm went off at 9-11 and America seems to have just rolled over, hit the snooze button and is now, again, fast asleep. And we're not helped by the like of Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, (and so on and so forth...) positioning for personal and political power rather than an honest concern for the safety and well-being of the very people they work for, namely, you and me.

America is too divided to do what must be done, i.e.; destroy the enemy, completely and utterly. It's going to take another 9-11 -- perhaps several -- before she wakes. When she does she'll wonder, and then demand to know why no one sounded the alarm.

Saddly, the enemy knows we're sleeping. And while they sharpen their bayonets, they laugh at us.

*New class of military bomb. MOAB stands for "Mother Of All bombs."


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