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Friday, August 12, 2005

How Many Chickens Must Die....

before someone stands up and shouts "enough!" Again, just what is it about chickens that attracts disaster -- natural or otherwise? Case in point:

Fire, the second largest killer or poultry, gutted a NW Florida chicken house. Officials say 11,000 birds lost their lives when fire spread through their home at the Wendell Mitchem Farm. It is estimated the cost in life lost could be as high as $80,000. Equipment loss was put at $55,000.

As in previous reports in this continuing drama, each avian victim is listed as having an individual monetary value. Considering the price-point of earlier victims, these birds have been valued slightly higher -- though this can hardly be considered good news -- a mere $7.27 each.

Despite the tragedy, some 200 chickens managed to escape the fiery conflagration, though their injuries, which include blindness and smoke inhalation, puts to question their survivability. Wendell Mitchem Farm may choose to cut their losses and allow these brave survivors to suffer the No. 1 killer of poultry...

The processing plant.

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What is it about chickens....


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