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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

On the FairTax

Finished the FairTax book right after the six. I want it! And will lobby for it! But I fear the likes of Ted, Nancy, Harry & John will bend over backwards, cramming heads into arses to feed themselves and the ignorant masses a "load" of lies.

This would solve near all of our economic woes, so it disturbs me to no end the level of *evil to which many of our politicians have sunk. God help us all if "We the People" can't make a few fundamental changes around here! After all, these Bastards in power work for us! Not the other way 'round.

*In regard to my use of the word Evil, please refer to Lessons in Thinking for One's Self, No.2 and Questions to Consider, Question 1 especially, for contextual eloboration.


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