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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Iraqi Air Force Pilot Earns Plot at Arlington

Note: As Reported during the 10 o'clock newscast on WTVY...

The remains of 4 US Special Operations Airmen and their pilot will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetary. The men died May 30 in the crash of an Iraqi aircraft during a training mission northeast of Baghdad.

MAJ William Downs, 40, CAPT Jeremy Fresques, 26, CAPT Derek Argel, 28, and SGT Casey Crane, 26, all members of United States Air Force, will be buried together and share a grave marker with Iraqi Air Force CAPT Ali Abass.

Personal Note: I keep wondering if we just got the story wrong, after all, isn't Arlington THE national cemetary for American servicemen, veterans, and politico's? I'm not sure how I feel about this except to say, CAPT Abass must have been one hell of a US Ally to warrant such an honor.


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