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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

In Keeping With Standards I Espouse...

I am undertaking the task of applying critical thinking to the question of WMD's. The impetus for this comes from the August 29 issue of Boortz Nuze, wherein the following assertions are made...

-500 tons...that's right...TONS...make that 1 million pounds of yellow cake uranium. It was found at Saddam's nuclear weapons facility (yup...he had one of those too.)

-1.8 tons of partially enriched uranium found at the same place. You know, the stuff you need to make nukes.

-Hidden centrifuge parts and blueprints.

-Two dozen artillery shells loaded with Sarin and mustard gas.

To avoid being a mind-numbed robot of ANY political agenda I intend to take the time to analyze the facts myself. The internet is a big place, so it may take a while to sift through it all-- not actually all, mind you! Good grief, I'd never see the end!!


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