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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Did I Not Say It????

Giving land in hope of peace has never, and will never work in the middle east. Any such capitulation is viewed as a sign of weakness by these irrational bastards! Politicians can sit across any number of tables they choose, but unless the religious lunatics of Islamofascism put down their weapons-- which they will never do --men like Mahmoud Abbas and Ariel Sharon will never be able to broker a lasting peace between their nations. And the Palestinian people will never be taken seriously; they will never be welcomed in civilized circles, nor will they ever climb out of the cess pool, and poverty of 3rd world status-- less than, actually.

"Oh, but Eric, this was just one nut..."

You expect me to believe that a single nut falling from a tree is simply an aberration? That there aren't more nuts hanging from limbs high above, waiting for the right moment to fall to earth? What kind of fool do you take me for? How can you be such a fool?

"But Eric, the Palestinians want peace. They want it desperately."

Some do. A good many do. But that good many will not stand up and turn on the others in their midst who would rather see the streets run red with blood... The blood of Jews. Lest you forget, it's the ones who want blood and death that have the weapons. Yes, the Palestinian Authority has weapons too, but seriously, do you really think Palestinians are going to fight and kill their own countrymen over Jews? Not likely. Very few Palestinians see Israel as a nation even worthy of existence, let alone occupy what they claim is their land, and their city.

There are too many Palestinians who want nothing more than to drive the Jews into the sea. And this is a thing that will never happen.

"C'mon, Eric. The Jews stole the land from the Palestinians."

The land has always belonged to the Jews, irrespective of any grant by any international body or government. In fact, if Israel were granted the lands originally promised by the then powers-that-be, Israel would have much, much more than the paltry strip of land she was finally "allowed" to claim. But that's just what Man offered. GOD himself promised, and will one day give, far more than even the powers-that-be first offered. Imagine a middle east today where no Syria, no Jordan, no Iraq, and no Lebanon existed. Imagine an Israel that encompassed all these lands.

Well, that's where we're heading. Israel will own it all one day, however impossible you think that may be. I promise here and now. And God will see it done.

Don't think for a minute that a lasting peace will ever be brokered between Israel and Palestine, or for that matter, the Islamic people as a whole. Only one man will manage peace and stability, and only for three and a half years. Care to guess who that man is? Go ahead, guess... Millions of others are having a go.


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